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Why Insulate Concrete Floor Outlet Box for Wine Cellars

Published On February 10, 2019 | By penulis | CONCRETE

Concrete Floor Outlet Box  – In wine storage, the wine cellar is the ideal storage area, protecting the wine under optimal conditions so that it not only stores or stores your wine collection, but also allows it to reach its optimum potential, which is the core of wine storage. A cold cellar or wine, which can be in the form of a cupboard, or a room, or most ideal in your basement, can store and protect your wine collection for long periods of time against three traditional enemy wines: heat, dryness and light. Wine cellar wine is good at relatively low temperatures, with a good amount of moisture, and in relative darkness. Grapes are sensitive food products that are natural and easy to use. And when exposed to heat, light, vibration or drastic fluctuations in temperature or humidity, all types of wine can be damaged quickly.

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However, when stored properly, wine not only maintains its quality, but many actually develop into aroma, taste, and full complexity when they mature. Just as putting up your wine collection in the right place to maintain a balance between New Age wines, ready-made wines and dessert wines, in building a good wine cellar, you also have to compensate for the many variables that affect the way you cool your wine and ultimately protect the wine You are from destroying it, allowing it to maintain or age optimally, and decay of wine is one of these variables.

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In general, you will need proper cell wine insulation if you are going to use a wine cellar under the refrigeration unit. In addition, it is very important that you use a large wine storage area where outdoor heat has the potential to be transmitted through the walls of large areas and ceilings. Therefore, the walls of the wine room and ceiling must be equipped with a vapor barrier and insulation. The proper warehouse insulation of wine will not only ensure temperature stability is always maintained and maintained in an acceptable environment, but also ensures moisture is controlled. In addition, proper underground insulation will help you maintain energy.

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