How to Decorate Faux Concrete Wall Panels

Published On February 12, 2019 | By penulis | WALL

The opaque gray color of faux concrete wall panels can be unattractive. Whether on an independent exterior wall or on an interior basement wall, concrete can be made more attractive in a variety of ways.

Concrete Wall Panels Exterior

Concrete Wall Panels Exterior

First, apply a layer of cement plaster over the concrete wall. Mix the paste according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and use the masonry to smooth it over clean cement blocks. The plaster covers the blocking lines and even provides a certain resistance to moisture. Decorate the walls of cement blocks with paint. Use a rubber based paint, such as painting concrete blocks to ensure even coverage. Apply cement plaster, and instead of letting it dry, apply decorative glass or stone tiles.

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Hangover panels of the curtain an entire interior wall. Use eye hooks to mount a cable that extends from one end of the wall to the other. Use clips to attach the curtain panels to the cable. Use an imitation finish on the wall. Apply panels of brick or imitation stone. Alternatively, apply a layer of plaster, and run an element, such as a wire brush or a grooved trowel through the wet plaster to create the look you want. Prints the framed or family photos hang on an interior cement wall. Use it as a place to exhibit your paintings or photographs. Cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling, or hang them at regular intervals along the wall.

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