Dear Reader,

When we initially launched The American Moderate at the end of 2016, we did so with the hope of providing a platform that could give a voice to those who placed country before party and cooperation above politics. In many ways, we succeeded – I had the pleasure of reading, editing and publishing some truly nuanced, well-researched and thoughtful content during the three months that we were in operation. More importantly, I was astonished at the depth of conversation and dedication of community that developed around the site. To see those existing everywhere from the center to the fringes of the American spectrum come together, share ideas, and exchange arguments affirmed what we had worked for – a bipartisan pursuit of a more perfect union.

However, despite our successes, difficult questions still lingered. We wondered if an organization that stood for nothing but cooperation could truly be empowered to move forward, or if it would be hindered by its own inertia. We struggled to identify ourselves – did we exist at the intersections of ideology, or were we replacing it altogether? At the end of it all, our conclusion was that ideology was not our enemy, but our partner. After all, those with strong convictions and with existing networks through which they had embraced actionable politics were also those most able to further our mission. So, we realized, our site had failed itself in attempting to erase those identities – a moderate isn’t someone who puts away their ideology, it’s someone who brings its insights with them when they take their seat at the American table.

This is the new American Moderate – no longer a single blog but instead a community of publications debating, exchanging ideas and commenting through their own unique lenses on a multitude of political issues. At The Millenial Republican, you will find a group of dedicated thinkers reexamining what traditional conservatism means in the 21st century. At Pushing Forward, liberal writers will persevere and promote the values of a big tent Democratic Party that is down, but certainly not out. At Wonk, policy takes the forefront as the emotional embroilments of the political arena are reduced by a focus on reason.

But above it all, at The American Moderate, you will find dedicated citizens working together to bring about a brighter future.


Sonjay Singh
Chief Executive Officer, The American Moderate