Pushing Forward Together

Pushing Forward was formed as a component of The American Moderate network to better respond to and play host to centrist, center-left, and left writers and thinkers. For the most part, we are Democratic partisans, but Pushing Forward is open to all, regardless of political party. That said, we recognize the flaws in the Democratic Party, and see the opportunities for growth. Our goal is not solely “to win,” but to make the United States the best nation that it can be. As members of the “big tent” party, Pushing Forward should be a big tent for ideas.

The word “moderate” means many things to many people. Regardless of our own politics, the majority of the country is in the center, and it’s our responsibility to reach citizens where they are. We seek to be progressive, but we also want to get things done and hope that you’ll join us on our journey.

If you are interested in writing for Pushing Forward, please reach out. Today, the left isn’t in a good place. Together, we hope to make meaningful changes in our communities and to push the conversation forward in 2017 and beyond.


Kevin Levy
Editor, Pushing Forward


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