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For thousands of years, reaching the moon was confined to the realm of fantasy. That is, until the United States of America redefined humankind’s relationship with the cosmos in 1969. Nearly five decades since Apollo 11, our nation remains the one and only country to deliver humans onto the moon and return them safely to the Earth.

America remains the world’s strongest economy, has the world’s most powerful military, and our fundamental values span the world. If nothing else, one must admit that a civilization that is capable of traversing a celestial body and returning those explorers home safely is by no small measure great.

The bulk of the technological innovations of the last century comes from the United States, be it the internet, using atoms for power and mutually assured destruction, and medical advances that make it possible for people to live longer than ever before. Our nation continues to be the engine of innovation and growth driving the world forward. America has the highest per capita incomes of any nation with a population larger than ten million. For a large and very complex society America continues to have very low levels of corruption.

Now, America risks losing its status as the one indispensable and most exceptional nation.

As of this writing in the June of 2017, the editors of the newfound Hamiltonian Republican, too, stand athwart history. Not to yell stop, but rather to reclaim a derailed intellectual and philosophical tradition at the core of America’s founding, to translate into present day, actionable policies for a mature and responsible Republican Party which works for the true restoration of American greatness.

Indeed, the present Republican Party’s ideological synthesis – combining libertarian economic policy, neoconservative foreign policy notwithstanding the standard bearer’s isolationism, and evangelical social conservatism – has become incoherent, self-defeating, irresponsible, corrosive to the functioning and integrity of a good society. The uneasy alliance of these different factions necessitates a grand new synthesis for the Grand Old Party; one which is intellectually consistent and cogent with a proven record of success.

At the outset of our quest to formulate the philosophical and political consensus to serve as a framework for Hamiltonian Republicanism, we concluded our publication would serve as a conversation between the various writers on how to restore the vanished progressive and centrist Republican tradition. Such Republicanism is one which is stridently and unapologetically nationalistic: supports a federal government which facilitates a widely shared prosperity as opposed to a state-run dystopia or bending to free market fundamentalism, supports a foreign policy which understands America’s indispensable position in the international order, and supports a social policy which preserves the cohesion and unity of the American people while also allowing people to be free to pursue their dreams.

Within these broad confines, The Hamiltonian Republican community of The American Moderate will agree and disagree, sometimes vehemently, in our quest to create a new ideological framework for the Republican Party so American may truly be great again.

Paradoxically, the Republican Party’s hijacking by an alien brand of populist conservatism positions the party in a pristine position for a rebirth, moreover specifically on Hamiltonian terms. The Republican synthesis consolidated by President Reagan cannot hold, and the present intellectually bankrupt populist hijacking cannot be sustained. When the Republicans are inevitably confronted by catastrophic losses, the party will again be embroiled in an existential crisis over what it means to be Republican in the twenty-first century.

History is made by those who show, and we at The Hamiltonian Republican have our own moonshot: to translate the philosophical tradition traced through Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, through Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Rockefeller Republicans into a responsible twenty-first century Republicanism. We invite you on this adventure in the pursuit of an ever more perfect union, to once again make America indisputably the greatest nation on Earth.


Fairooz Adams
Chief Product Officer, The American Moderate


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