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As the third initial component of The American Moderate resting alongside the left-leaning Pushing Forward, and the right-leaning Hamiltonian Republican, there may be a tendency of some to view our contribution as centrist – an endeavor to straddle the line between parties. Though centrism is a valuable ideology in and of itself, that is not what we are. Rather, Wonk aims to escape the gravity of ideology altogether and provide analysis of policy that instead of providing value judgments about the intentions of given policies, analyzes if its mechanisms are sufficient to bring about those intentions at all.

The American conversation has long included broad debates about what the country should be. Positing the balance between freedom and liberty, the degree to which citizens should be supported by a safety net or encouraged towards self-sufficiency, the extent to which Americanism should be propagated globally, these are worthwhile and necessary questions. But it is one thing to envision a safety net, it is another to write the specific policies that will bring one into existence, and one thing more to ensure those policies will actually lead to what its framers have envisioned. As much as American discourse needs a voice for the macro, for vision and for ideology, it also needs one for the micro – to evaluate and weigh the lines drawn from consequence to precedent, and make sure that they follow rationally.

At Wonk, we hope that we can be that voice.


Sonjay Singh

Chief Executive Officer, The American Moderate


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