Our Collective Insanity


American society is suffering an emotional breakdown. What happened three days ago was the extreme consequence of what political partisans have being doing  for many years. Some politicians, like Senator Sanders, have taken the road less currently traveled expressing sympathy for the shot while condemning the action. Others seek to take the easy road using the event to further burrow their heads under the ground convinced that their side is on “the right side of history.” Leaving behind the idea of a “right” side of history for another time, what is very concerning is our collective inability to think straight.

There are many culprits behind our deterioration as a society. For one, social media has allowed us to remain cozy reading thinly-veiled editorials masquerading as authentic news without our beliefs being held in the sunlight. We also suffer from a persecution complex as seen by the far-left’s insistence on dogmatizing colleges while the far-right peddles idiots like Coulter and Yiannopoulos unfit for the college lectern. Finally, we are to blame as we remain silent when we see our leaders remain in an intellectually vegetarian state. When you combine all of this with our growing problems at home you can see that this shooting, while tragic, is remarkably similar to other foreign tragedies we see today.

In a time where America’s supremacy is being challenged both at home and abroad, we cannot afford to be at each other’s throats. What we need right now, before we address the issues, is for all of us to take a minute and think, “What have we become? What are we doing? How did we get here?” If we do not do so, then the current situation will be worse. We are not heading to a second Civil War, but we are going to be permanently weakened by our lack of common sense.

The first step in this process will be admitting that not everything is as black and white as we make it to be. We must acknowledge that the world is incredibly gray with only the edges being distinct. We need to also acknowledge our role, regardless of how small, in perpetuating this political madness as well as to make amends. Join a discussion group where you will be challenged. Read the scholarly work, which is unfortunately plentiful and unrecognized, on issues that you have a deep passion for. Hold your leaders accountable, whether they’re on “your side” or not instead of giving them a free pass.

The majority of people probably will not follow this preferring to make token moves while noting happens. We saw the same thing happen with Gabrielle Giffords back in 2011 but the status quo kept moving along. Yet we should still hold out some hope that there are people who remember Michelle Obama and her admirable stance of going high while others go low. If there is enough people with common sense who are willing to take the jump, then perhaps we can truly restore some semblance of our collective sanity.

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