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Published On February 9, 2019 | By penulis | CONCRETE

Concrete chamfer strips – Sometimes some concepts or works, they specify them in the projects without evaluating if these will fulfill or not with their functionality, either by habit, because in a similar project was carried out or because the one that designs and specifies is not the same as the one that builds , and as it appears in the catalog … it must be done.

Chamfer Moulding

Chamfer Moulding

This is the case of the Chamfer on the roofs. If that concept is generally built and that sometimes (not the least) is the cause of some situations that we will be discussing … therefore: Is it advisable or not to forge concrete chamfer strips on the roofs? It is important to note that the climatic conditions in our zone are particular (hot, humid, sunny and rainy seasons, etc.) and that situations that I share here, are not the same in other places.

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Image of: Chamfer Strip Lowes

Image of: Chamfer Strip Concrete

Image of: Chamfer Moulding

When these concrete chamfer strips exposed to the weather are subject to solar radiation, humidity, wind, rain … that is, cycles of different temperatures … the physical properties of these elements become more relevant, as they expand and / or contracting independently and due to the low adhesion (cold joint) tend to separate between them and therefore, which is reflected in the form of cracks.

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