All about Parging Concrete Wall

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The purpose of mixing the parging concrete is to cover the surface of the aggregates with the cement paste, producing a homogeneous mass. Machine mixing, in the so-called mixers , ensures uniform concretes economically. The mixers are constituted, fundamentally, by a metallic container called drum or vat, provided with pallets in its interior.

Cement Plaster

Cement Plaster

Parging concrete mixing is carried out when each part of the concrete is raised, turn by turn, by the paddles during the rotation of the drum, so that at a certain point, in each revolution, they are poured towards the bottom to mix with the other portions, until forming a homogenous mass.

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Parging concrete mixers facilitate work and are a product that really helps to reduce the workload of several people who do small jobs. The only real alternative to using a cement mixer is one that is not very easy, and it takes a lot of work. If you decide not to use a cement mixer, and then be willing to do a lot of work by hand and start sweating. The inclined shaft or tilting drum concrete machines can adopt different shaft inclinations for each stage of work: be it filling, kneading, or unloading.

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