Build Concrete Tent for the Nuclear Shelter

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After the Second World War, precipitation shelters like concrete tent in basements and backyards. They are designed to reduce the risk of exposure to radiation from a nuclear bomb, became popular. Although the government now promotes large community shelters against family models, the risk of exposure to radiation remains a factor, considering more than 50 nuclear plants are in operation. Consider some guidelines for building your own shelter.

Concrete Canvas Furniture

Concrete Canvas Furniture

Choose an area of land below for your nuclear shelter if earthquakes and floods are not a threat. Design your nuclear shelter to provide space for all occupants. For everyone who live for a minimum of two weeks after a nuclear accident. It is to allow the radiation to decrease to a safer level. Excavate and pour concrete walls with a thickness of 8 inches. And reinforce the concrete with steel, in the form of structural reinforcement bars. And then waterproof the concrete walls of your shelter before filling.

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Allow adequate ventilation. Install a ceiling fan to release warm air that collects in the shelter and provide filtered intakes. Build a reinforced roof in your shelter, covered by 12 inches of dirt. Provide an adequate water source. Experts disagree about the long-term danger of drinking irradiated water. But, everyone agrees that in the following days a nuclear accident. They are the sources of drinking water are exposed. Put installation of a heavy steel gate at the entrance to your nuclear shelter to divert radioactive particles.

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