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Concrete saw is mainly used as a primary crusher, or as the first step in the rock crushing process. The widely dimensioned flywheels serve to balance the load. A concrete saw is a power tool designed to cut through concrete and other masonry materials. A concrete saw uses hand-held operation or the two-wheel similar to a control rod. Like many other varieties of saws can have a concrete chain saw, circular or jig knife.

Concrete Saw Design

Concrete Saw Design

Powered by electricity, gas, air, or hydraulics, a concrete saw or used abrasive diamond saw cutting technology and designed for wet or dry cutting. The main difference between a concrete saw and a standard electric saw is its ability to withstand the intense heat of friction and rapid cooling. This is usually achieved with well-designed airflow. There are a number of applications for a concrete saw.

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Bricks, concrete and cement can be cut out for repair, demolition or alteration. Most concrete saw cut through rebar. Contractors use concrete saws for a variety of commercial applications where concrete or masonry is involved and road repair crews use concrete saws to cut asphalt for repair or replacement. A concrete saw is also useful for minor renovations such as driveway, retaining wall, patio and repair or replacement.

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