How to Cut Concrete Pavers Easy

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How to cut concrete pavers? Pavers can be used for a variety of outdoor landscaping projects, including building a patio, lining up flower beds and even creating a walkway. Cement pavers are similar to concrete pavers, with exception that they do not contain sand as a binder. Cement pavers can be made from molds that are placed directly on ground or purchased pre-formed.

Cut Concrete Pavers Pool

Cut Concrete Pavers Pool

How to cut concrete pavers guide? First, place a tape measure on cement paver and draw a line on it, using a pencil to mark location where you are going to cut. Insert a diamond-tipped cutting blade or masonry trowel into a circular saw, using instructions provided with saw. Adjust depth of saw blade to 1/2 inch. Plug circular saw into an electrical outlet. Set cement paver on ground or in another location that will not be damaged by saw blade.

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Press trigger of circular saw to start blade rotation and slowly move blade towards pencil line on paver. Continue holding circular saw in place until you move all way through paver. Increase depth of saw blade to 1 inch and repeat cutting process by pushing saw through pre-cut line in cement paver. Thin cement pavers should divide in half after second how to cut concrete pavers. If paver is thick, turn it over and cut from opposite side as well.


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