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Published On February 12, 2019 | By penulis | CONCRETE

Concrete mixer price – Concrete mixers are widely used tools in construction, both in works and in renovations, which implies that we must give them proper maintenance in order to maximize their useful life. Although choice of right concrete mixer is very important for a long duration, a good maintenance of our concrete mixer will guarantee that it works in best possible way and will avoid possible breakdowns.

Big Concrete Mixer

Big Concrete Mixer

First and most important premise that we must follow is to thoroughly clean concrete mixer after each mixing process, to prevent concrete from drying inside. This will avoid traces of cement, which with passage of time will harden and stick more each time you use it, reaching a point that you could not even use it.  Cleaning should be done with water, preferably under pressure for better cleaning. It is very important to clean wheels, steering wheel and tank of machine.

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Also pay close attention to wet as little as possible motor and electrical part, and above all, carry out cleaning with machine stopped and disconnected from electric current. You should never hit tub to clean it, as we could decentralize machine or dent it. If we clean it every time we use it, we will not give concrete time to dry and consequently no blow will be necessary for it’s cleaning.

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