How to Submit & Editorial Process

To commence the publication process, please email your article to and specify which blog you wish to be published in.  Please send your piece by placing your article in the text of the email. Each article should be approximately 750-1500 words and should be sourced. Keep in mind that The American Moderate is not a newspaper; each article should have a point, an argument, or a judgment on the subject.

The first stage of editing is content. Even though The American Moderate has partisan components, we want to make sure that our content is still moderate in nature.

The second stage of edits is copy. Copy editing consists of basic grammatical and phraseological editing (and keeps out words like phraseological). The main focus of this editing stage is to ensure that articles are up to par to be read by readers.

Finally, the editor will make one last check of the piece to ensure that it meets both copy and content standards for The American Moderate. After that, the article will be placed in the queue for publication.

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