Amelia Benich


Amelia Benich is a Contributing Editor at The American Moderate.

Amelia is a student at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Economics and Film. She has produced three academic research papers, her most recent currently in the publishing process for sociological journals. At Mount Holyoke, she is a part of the Model United Nations team, having won multiple awards in her high school MUN career, and she values the diplomacy and problem-solving it promotes. Despite having grown up in a conservative suburb of Chicago, she proudly calls herself a progressive, but one deeply committed to pragmatic solutions to the problems our nation faces. While that could one day mean a career as an economist, she currently hopes to work on a show like Last Week Tonight or The Daily Show and eventually become the next Jon Stewart. When she isn’t consuming a tsunami of sociopolitical and economically related content or analyzing narrative film and television to be sociopolitical, she runs a radio show of many genres, plays two instruments, and because of her musical career, has traveled everywhere from China to Italy to Scotland and beyond. She has been involved in this operation since before the first Google Hangouts started happening and fondly remembers arguing over which picture of Kennedy and Nixon to place as the cover photo.

Follow her on twitter (and soundcloud!) @ameliabeing