Caitlin Rueden

Caitlin Rueden is a Contributing Writer for The American Moderate.

Caitlin is a research assistant at UGA, where she is researching the economic, political, and social factors that influence SSA cases. In her free time she also works as a Senior Research Assistant for Druid Press, a small publishing company that is researching, compiling, and digitizing Medieval Irish church records. She also publishes articles through Georgia Political Review and competes with her school’s Mock Trial team. As much as an avid proponent of nihilism that she is, she has become increasingly disenchanted and frustrated with the “holier-than-thou” attitude that is plaguing both sides of the political spectrum. She spends an unholy amount of money and time on books and strives to point out any dog she sees while out in public. Her future plans can be best described as a slight shrug of the shoulders and an indiscernible mumble about law school. 
She is a senior at the University of Georgia studying International Affairs and Political Science.