Christopher Robotham

Chris Robotham is a Co-Editor in Chief and Founding Member of The American Moderate.

Chris has been interested in American politics since the 2000 election, and has spent his life all over the political map, from hardcore socialist to libertarian and pretty much everything in between. He considers himself a moderate libertarian conservative with a mish-mash of different ideas on political philosophy and public policy, and has worked on state and congressional district campaigns for both Democrats and Republicans in the past. In his sophomore year at Brown University, where he is currently a rising senior on leave, he founded an underground political discussion group called Reason@Brown for students to discuss politics without social pressure. He is perpetually unsure of his future plans, but working in the technology industry, where he is currently an intern, and continuing to advocate for his ideas - whatever they may be at the moment - are among them. He enjoys a good discussion about the golden age of Boston sports.

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