Fairooz Adams


Fairooz Adams is the Outreach Director and a founding member of The American Moderate.

Adams has been involved in a multitude of different student organizations and was a candidate for Lewisville Independent School District’s Board of Trustees in the spring of 2016. He serves as the President of College Democrats on his campus, chairman of the environmental caucus at the state level, and treasurer of his county Young Democrats. A Texas Democrat, Adams is a centrist that identifies most closely with Rockefeller Republicans of the twentieth century and finds much in common with many northern Republicans. Adams is also a contributor to Lone Conservative, has been published in various other places, and is a campus liaison for the bipartisan American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He is a radical centrist; meaning he believes in using centrist solutions to create fundamental reforms in existing institutions. Adams identifies as a foreign policy realist and internationalist, a fiscal pragmatist, and a libertarian on social issues. At Southern Methodist University he is studying political science, international studies, and public policy.


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