Fairooz Adams

Fairooz Adams joined The American Moderate in November 2016. Mr. Adams is a founder, a member of the board of directors, and chief product officer.

Mr. Adams became a part of The American Moderate just prior to its inception through invitation from a mutual friend in a network of politically engaged college students. A founding member, Mr. Adams became a member of the leadership team immediately, serving as the outreach director and writing. Mr. Adams was one of the leaders of the transition as The American Moderate switched from being a single publication to a family of publications. Mr. Adams currently serves in various capacities and is as an editor for The Hamiltonian Republican.

Mr. Adams is a former candidate for Lewisville Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, a campus liaison and former intern for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has served in College Democrats in various roles including state and chapter levels, and a treasurer of the Denton County Young Democrats. In the ninth grade, he successfully protested and reversed a school board decision to split his class across campuses and has served in student governments in various capacities in every year of his undergraduate career and high school.

Mr. Adams contributes for Lone Conservative and New Era America and has written in various publications both on and off campus. Mr. Adams works on various projects on bipartisan cooperation, including Bridge USA and is in the process of co-founding a yet-to-be-named media company with the founder of Lone Conservative. Mr. Adams is a political centrist with a realist-to-neoconservative outlook on foreign policy. He is a pragmatist on economic policy and a mixture of libertarian and nationalist on social policy.

Mr. Adams is currently a student at Southern Methodist University (‘18) majoring in political science and international studies and a member of the Tower Scholars Program, which is a competitive minor combining public policy and international affairs. He is currently undertaking two research projects at SMU, Tower Scholars and Engaged Learning and is the recipient of numerous scholarships. Mr. Adams is from Lewisville, Texas and currently splits his time between Lewisville and Dallas, Texas.

Adams’s Articles

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