Marcus Ismael

Marcus Ismael is the Creative Director and a Founding Member of The American Moderate.

Marcus, a native of San Francisco, California, is a student at San Francisco State University studying Economics and Urban Planning. Several years ago, Marcus decided to engage in local politics with the College Democrats at SFSU and the San Francisco Democratic Party. Through both organizations, Marcus worked on field campaigning for local candidates and ballot initiatives. After serving as his local campus College Dems chapter president, Marcus moved to a statewide role when he was appointed to be the Chief of Staff for the California College Democrats - a post he holds today, two years later - and worked as both a field and fundraising staffer on state legislative, Congressional, and ballot initiative campaigns. Marcus Ismael is a supporter of common-sense political positions with a mix of predominantly liberal and some moderate viewpoints, youth engagement in government, and the San Francisco Giants. Full disclosure, in addition to his role with The American Moderate, Marcus Ismael is the National Director of Communications for the College Democrats of America.