Shaquan McDowell

Shaquan McDowell is a Contributing Writer for The American Moderate.

Shaquan McDowell is a 20 year old Junior at Brandeis University, who is committed to insuring that this division and downward spiral of our country is halted, through an organization which he heads, known as The Purple Party. Born in the Upstate of South Carolina but raised in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, Shaquan was raised in by a single mother in a household with 4 siblings, in a family possessing a long standing American identity. In his blood flows the blood of someone of the earliest slaves bought to The Virginia Colony and their unions with indentured servant women from the British Isles. Descending from American patriots in the Revolution, Shaquan boast relation to many Patriotic ties, including his distant cousin Thomas Jefferson, and thus his commitment to The Purple Party reflects his heritage.  The Purple Party is a youth political organization that promotes and encourages a platform of unity amongst the youth, in assurance that these young people will become the leaders of tomorrow, who will solve the divisive situation we experience in Congress now, that halts progress. Established in 2011, a joint effort between Shaquan and Emerson Dudley at Westlake High School (Atlanta, GA), The Purple Party has grown to assist and engage a wide group from Georgia to California.

This task is accomplished through Shaquan’s use of various mediums, appealing to a wide base of audiences. From poetry, to acting, speaking, and prose, Shaquan insures that every audience is given their own unique voice. This skill set is the resultant of long life development, in which he has opened himself up to a wide range of opportunity. He has acted in over 7 stage plays, 3 short films, written various poems, and is constantly putting out prospective op-ed’s on the open publishing side “Medium”.

Shaquan has won awards for his oratory skills, from organizations such as HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), been admitted to prestigious programs , such as “The Hansard Society” in London, England and has been featured on National Television on Al Jazeera America’s Edge of Eighteen, for his work. Alongside sitting as head o the Purple Party, Shaquan currently serves as Senator at Large at Brandeis. With his goal to run for public office and his commitment to pushing the American public in a direction of positivity, Shaquan has promised himself to constructing a more United America.

Shaquan is an honors graduate of Westlake High School (2014), in which he received recognition from the National Honors Society for community service, the Ronald Reagan award for character, and was voted Most Likely to Succeed. He currently attends Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts where He serves on the board of Cru (Christian Fellowship), Playback Theatre: a therapeutic form of theatre, and as Senator At Large.