Sonjay Singh


Sonjay Singh is the Vice Chairman and a Founding Member of The American Moderate

A graduate of Trinity College with a B.A. in political science, Sonjay spent his college years leading campus organizations, working for congressional campaigns, and serving as a senior editor on the college newspaper for which he was the sole recipient of the John F. Boyer Award for Excellence in Journalism. In his junior year, he co-founded Progow, an enterprise software startup focused on increasing the efficiency of the hiring process. Continuing to serve as the operations and client success lead of the company, Sonjay has guided Progow in raising over $1.5M in funding, building an experienced, effective team and winning contracts with numerous F500 companies.

Sonjay has been dedicated to fostering intelligent discourse in the political arena since he was a 13-year-old campus coordinator, spending weekends convincing fellow middle schoolers to volunteer at the local campaign offices. He is excited to bring his business and journalism acumen to the American Moderate to continue that mission.

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