Our Mission: A Letter to Our Readers

Dear readers,

In the wake of the highly divisive 2016 election, which saw unprecedented partisanship, polarization and disillusionment with our politics, it is now more imperative than ever that those who find themselves caught between two extremes come together to find common ground.

For all Americans, but particularly for millennials, civic comity is of great importance as we seek to ensure that our future remains promising and our governance, pragmatic.

We are not necessarily centrists; in fact, the majority of us have been actively involved with campaigns and candidates at all levels, and with both major parties. With this project, we endeavor to link moderates from all ideological backgrounds and walks of life in order to show that bipartisanship still exists in America, that not all young people reject the notion of pragmatism, and that the politically engaged of this generation are amenable to reasonable compromise and united governance.  

At The American Moderate, you will not merely find articles that sit squarely in the middle, but some that tilt left and right; this is intentional. Our hope is that readers of The American Moderate will be exposed to ideas, beliefs, and policies that the echo chambers of our social media society have foreclosed. We fundamentally reject the binary nature of modern political discourse, and through our publication, we aim to unite not as party members, but as Americans.

Our mission is simple: to bring America back to the center -- not with centrist ideology, but with exposure to moderate positions on both sides of the aisle.

We are excited to be launching at the close of an historic year, and look forward to your engagement as we embark on this effort together. The course ahead for America is one of more collaboration and less fragmentation, and we look forward to charting it with you.



Michael J. Hout